History of the 65 Marlin

Family Ties and Turning Wise

In 1973, my dad sold me his 65 Marlin and it was to be my first car!  As a teenager, I didn’t have that same respect for the car that I once had when I was 10.  Later in life, I realized that I had lost something really special and found myself searching to replace that “twin stick”.  Then I couldn’t believe my eyes - an almost perfect match to my dad’s Marlin - well I had to have it.

The Paint Job

From Pieces to Perfection

Completely disassembled and painstakingly painted - needed to get the colour just right!  Thanks Bill at Apollo Autobody in Kamloops.  After it was all put back together it was time to drop the engine in.

327 Looks Like Heaven

Installing the Rebuilt 327

Complete rebuild, balanced and blueprinted. The engine is painted Rampart Red and really stands out against the Seaside Light Aqua and Frost White Roof.


The Inside Job

Instrumentation and Upholstery

The Marlin was shipped from the factory with luxuries like reclining bucket seats and folding arm rests both front and rear.  It also boasted a vanity mirror.  The door and dash panels are machine turned.  In great shape so it was a matter of making it sparkle.  Well, maybe the headliner stole the show - it needed work... is that why they call it a "Headliner"?  It was quite a process, there were no headliners available so I had to work with an upholsterer to die "foam matching" fabric to match and then stitched to match all the ribbing.

marlin new headliner


The undercarriage was undercoated, had no rust and quite clean.  It was thoroughly cleaned and the undercoating was touched up.  Took everything off from underneath the car and either cleaned it or replaced it.