65 Marlin

Hot Night in the City 2016

It was a hot night for the 65 Marlin, picking up 2 of the top 3 awards in the show.  The Member of Parliament Award as well as the Outstanding Collector Award.  Thank you to the judges and the beautiful city of Kamloops, BC.

65 Marlin

BC Custom & Classic - 2015

Back out to the Abbostford Tradex with the AMC Club and the 65 Marlin.  Really didn't think that it would place 2nd in "Best Restored" because just 2 years earlier it won 1st in the same category.

Mike's "Gremlin" also picked up 2nd in that category also having won 1st 2 years ago.


65 Marlin

BC Custom & Classic - 2013

65 Marlin Debut - after 9 long "resto" years we finally entered it into its first show.

Very proud to have won 1st in our category which was the "Best Restored"  The AMC Car Club did really well that year.  We heard "boy the AMC's really cleaned up this year" as we were headed back home.